Fall In the Ozarks II

November 7, 2012

If you follow me on Twittter (@jshaddphoto) I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we were headed on a marathon, all in one-day, “Fall in the Ozarks” tour. I love living in such a beautiful part of our state, and fall, at the peak of color, is a great reason to be out shooting and shooting all day. I plan to break this journal entry into 3 parts as each of my subjects were distinctly different. Today, I’ll talk about the second leg of my trip.

We left Boxley about mid morning and continued on our trip to Harrison, Arkansas. There is an amazing cemetery there with beautiful mature maple trees. Fittingly, the cemetery is called “Maplewood”. We arrived a little before noon, when the sun is very bright. Pictures taken near sunrise or sunset are the best times to capture the color of the cemetery, or even better would be on a cloudy, overcast day. These photos were taken a little before peak, but still very beautiful. I estimate there were about 75-100 people who were enjoying the beautiful fall colors and a perfect day while we were there. We continued on toward Branson, Missouri, which is our third stop on our marathon day. On the way, we ate lunch on the Buffalo River near the highway 65 bridge. My next post will be about the final stop on our tour, the Branson Hot Air Balloonfest.

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