Six Trophy Bull Elk

September 3, 2012

My son and I went to Boxley Arkansas in hopes of seeing some trophy bull elk yesterday. It was his first vist to the area, so I was really hoping he’d get to see a lot of elk. We got there a little before 5 p.m. but because the temperature was in the low 90′s there wasn’t much elk activity. We perservered until around 7 p.m. when the big bull elk started moving and we were able to capture the picture you see here. The six bull elk were in the field just south of Beach Creek but in the shade right at the edge of the trees. It took all reach my camera had to pull in these elk (400mm with 2x teleconverter). Although not the sharpest picture, the six bull elk all together was something I hadn’t seen. You can check my elk photos in the gallery section of my website. The Elk Rut season begins in Mid September, and the activity over at Boxley Valley will pick up substantially. If you are going over there for photographs, make sure that you slow down and watch for Elk and especially people. Pull your car off the road as far as possible and when taking photos, make sure you are off the road as well. Please respect the property of the land owners. The best website for all of the elk viewing is Michael Dougherty’s Arkansas Wildlife Blog and Gallery. He has daily reports monitoring the Elk locations and the best times to take photos. Arkansas Wildlife Photography

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