The Ozarks in My Backyard-King's River Falls

April 3, 2012

This past Saturday morning my wife, Linda, and I set off about 5:45 a.m. for our excursion and a repeat visit to King’s River Falls near the community of Boston, Arkansas. This area has lots of wildflowers in the Spring and will have wild azaleas as spring progresses. It’s a fairly level and relatively short hike, making it perfect for a family outing. You can even swim in the pool of water below the falls.

We proceeded to drive 67 miles to the very small community of Boston and make our 5 mile trek down fairly good gravel roads to the Kings River falls trailhead. On our 0.6 mile hike to our destination, we caught up with a wonderful couple, an 84 and 82 year old husband and wife, making their second visit to the falls as well. We exchanged stories about ourselves and we wished aloud that we could have the health that these two seemed to have and to be able to live a full, active life into our 80′s. We reached the falls at mid-day and took plenty of pictures. I used an extremely slow shutter speed of 1/6th of a second to get this picture. I’ll discuss this silky waterflow technique and some pointers on how to shoot waterfalls to get that effect at a later post very soon.

You can see more photos like this in my gallery. Have a great day, I will!

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