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Wedding Checklist

A list of typical wedding day formal shots that you may want to consider:


Bride-Maid of Honor

Bride-All Girls in Party

Bride-All Guys in Party

Bride-Individual with Girl Attendants

Bride-Children Bride with Mother

Bride with Father

Bride with Mother/Father

Bride with Grandparents

Bride with Siblings

Bride with Siblings Family

Bride/Groom Alone

Bride/Groom with Clergy

Bride/Groom with Best Man/Woman

Bride/Groom with Bride's Parents

Bride/Groom with Bride's Family

Bride/Groom with Groom's Parents

Bride/Groom with both set of parents

Bride/Groom with both grandparents

Bride/Groom with Groom's Family

Bride/Groom with children


Groom-Maid of Honor

Groom-All Girls in Party

Groom-All Guys in Party

Groom-Individual with Girl Attendants


Groom with Mother

Groom with Father

Groom with Mother/Father

Groom with Grandparents

Groom with Siblings

Groom with Siblings Family Entire Wedding Party

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